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Quick & Simple Guide to Using Hashtags

Here are some strategies to help you boost your brand’s social media reach and engagement using hashtags! From learning how to find hashtags that will work best for your real estate brand to essential tips for using hashtags on every social media platform out there.

What is a hashtag?

  • A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#)
  • Hashtags won’t work if you use spaces, punctuation, or symbols
  • Hashtags are used on social media websites and applications, to identify digital content on a specific topic
  • Hashtags are used as a way to categorize content for users and algorithms that related to a specific topic
  • Helping make content be discovered when searched
  • Helping with boosting reach and engagements

Best Practices

  • Make sure your accounts are public to reach and be seen by any non-followers.
  • Too many words together can be misunderstood and hard to remember. The best ones are relatively short.
  • Use relevant and specific hashtags, words your target audience is most likely to use.
  • Be aware of the number of hashtags you use.
  • Use hashtags that have meaning and relate to your brand values and message.
  • Branded hashtags are often used to show a connection to your purpose and values.
  • Hashtags that solicit likes don’t always engage your follower.
  • Don’t ignore popular hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way to participate in the larger social media community conversation. Ensuring your posts become visible on social media platforms, helps to build your following. Hashtags are effective ways to bring new audience to your channel, helping with engagement; likes, comments and shares.

Many social media platforms, such as LinkedIn & Instagram, allows users to follow hashtags. This helps with your content appearing in feeds and conversations. Which is why, using popular hashtags can help introduce your brand to new followers, helping with brand awareness.

Hashtags for Realtors®

Use hashtags that your audience are searching for, such as #investmentproperties #justlistedhouston. They are also a great way to promote to an audience through area specific content, such as #houtsonrealtor

Make sure to include relevant and relatable hashtags to your posts, helping to echo your content to new audiences. To help elevate your personal brand, make sure to include hashtags that speaks to your interests and interests of your target audiences, such as #travellocal #postiiveparenting.

And of course, hashtags fit into a larger strategy of elevating your brand’s online presence to grow your business. Integrate these learnings into your social media strategy and content calendar to achieve your business goals.

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